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Sample models

  • Download and unzip the sample models.
  • Import them in Eclipse (File / Import / General / Existing projects into workspace).

Running and debugging the models

txtUML models can be run and debugged as Java programs. The sample models in, and are all equipped with main functions. Create appropriate run/debug configurations in Eclipse to start them.

Generating diagrams

It is possible to create diagram definitions textually for txtUML models. See the MachineDiagram class in for an example. In order to generate Papyrus models and diagrams, use the Generate diagrams from txtUML command from the txtUML menu. The paremeters are the name of the project, the fully qualified name of the class containing the model and the fully qualified name of the class that contains the diagram definition.

Compilation to C++

There is an experimental C++ model compiler in hu.elte.txtuml.export.cpp_(version).jar, that comes with the txtUML installation. It is a command line Java program and is not yet integrated with the rest of the txtUML Eclipse surface. We expect it to be integrated in a later release.

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